10 Proven Tips To Move On In Your Life…..!

Moving on in life is not so easy or you can say that it is very difficult. And I can give you the best example which belongs to me. I was in a relationship for 3 years but it won’t work though. I was very disturbed at that time I had made many efforts to get him back but after that, I realized that I should move on, not with other guy but I should move on towards my life for my betterment. Here are some tips which personally helped me a lot.

  1. Forgive him/her.


 First of all dear, you have to accept your feelings and the fact that you had broken up. Forgive him/her then only you will move on in life and let them go too. Before that, you have to forgive yourself. Stop holding up the baggage and don’t keep the hard feelings for him/her.

2. Spend time with your family and friends.


Spend more time with your family and friends. Don’t go through this situation alone. Go for outings, share your feelings with your friends, definitely it will help you. My friends were there for me who understand and supported me a lot in that phase.

3. Love yourself.

love yourself

” Don’t forget to love yourself.” Start exploring yourself, do things that make you feel happy. Loving yourself is the best medicine to move on.

4. Do things which makes you happy.

makes you feel happy

Go for an outing with your friends, go for a movie, start reading books, do cycling, do meditation, do yoga. Keep yourself busy with some activities.

5. Don’t keep contact.

Don’t be in touch with him. Maybe it will distract you. Or you can reduce meeting to him/her because if you want to keep friendship than you have to accept it will not exceed more than that.

6. Delete everything.

Delete everything related to him/her. Delete their messages, pictures which will remind you of your good memories and it make it more difficult to move on.

7. Stop blaming yourself.

This the most important point, stop thinking that he/ she is the one for you. Hey darling, that relationship wasn’t meant to be for you. He/she isn’t the right person for you. If he/she is the right person than whatever may be the situation you would be together.

8. Stop thinking about him/her.

Stop thinking about him/her. Avoid thinking about the good times and memories. Remember that your relationship ended for a reason. Moving on will definitely heal you.

9. Learn from the last relationship.

Try to learn from the last relationship, where you lack. Try to improve your communication, Being single is not a problem. There are many people who are single and happy. Just wait for the right time and the right person.

10. You deserve better.

you deserve better

If you want to move on from your past which won’t work out. There is definitely someone made for you who will complete you, who will not judge you. the one who suits you. It’s not about how many relationships you are in. Life will go on and in the end, you will find the right person.